Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Clinton Bowman and I am the advocate for…

In all seriousness, if I were Paul Heyman, life would be pretty sweet. However, the pot would be sweetened even further if I, much like Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Undertaker, John Cena or Brock Lesnar, were a Paul Heyman Guy.

This is what you can expect out of WWE 2K17‘s MyCareer mode this year.

Courtesy of Paul Heyman himself, the details of WWE MyCareer have been unveiled in a trailer that was published just a few moments ago, and we at the Outerhaven have a full breakdown of the video for you!

Become A WWE Superstar by hook or by crook:


You can train at the Performance Center and work your way up the ladder or…

Much like in previous editions of WWE 2K, WWE 2K17 starts you off in the WWE Performance Center, where you begin your road to WWE Super Stardom. However, you can also skip NXT entirely and piss off WWE management by hooking up by the notorious advocate for the Beast Incarnate, BROCK LESNAR (read this in Paul Heyman’s voice. I dare you.) It all depends on you feel like going through the system. This year, you have options, and it’s pretty damn fantastic.


…skip NXT altogether and work towards becoming a WWE Superstar via the tutelage of Paul Heyman.

Your promo skills need to be on point to pay the bills:


The new “Promo Engine” in WWE 2K17 judges your promo choices. The better the promo, the better the reaction.

Two new features added this year are merchandise sales and the much talked about “Promo Engine.” The Promo Engine is as straightforward as can be: the better your promo, the more of a reaction you receive and vice versa. It also can affect your merchandise sales as well, but that’s only one part of it, and I’m almost certain that we’ll see more on that as the game inches closer to launch.


What else plays into this? I guess we’ll find out later on.

You’re not the only one striving to achieve greatness:


‘The Man’ Seth Rollins isn’t too happy about what Matt Butcher said about him.

What’s wrong with pissing a few people off on your way to the top? Nothing, if you like getting beat up all over the place because you said the wrong thing. As talked about in an earlier post, backstage interviews have been revamped with the inclusion of backstage assaults while being interviewed by Renee Young. Get someone heated, you’re gonna get your ass beat before you can finish that interview. 

All in all, the trailer for WWE 2K17 seems to round out most of what is to be expected from MyCareer mode. The only thing left is a highlight of the new additions to Universe Mode, and we’re clear for takeoff on October 11th.

WWE 2K17 releases on October 11th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Stay tuned for more coverage on WWE 2K17 on the Outerhaven, including an upcoming NXT Edition Unboxing and WWE 2K17 review.

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