It may end up being a reality now. Earthworm Jim, introduced back during the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis era, was instantly a hit when the character was released. He was zany, his games were constantly off the wall and the gaming experience was fun. Sadly, we never saw much after Earthworm Jim 2, back during 1995. Sure, we got the remake for PSN and Xbox Live in 2010, but it was just that, a remake. Fans have been asking Interplay for a new Earthworm Jim game for years, decades. And now it looks like we may just see that become a reality.

Earthworm Jim art by Andrew Froedge

Earthworm Jim art by Andrew Froedge

We got word today, thanks to Gamasutra that Interplay has put up their entire IP library, including the Earthworm Jim, up for sale. Meaning other gaming studios can put up a bid to purchase the IP and hopefully use it to bring back the worm that always put the birds in check. But that’s not the only IP that Interplay had been sitting on for all these years, and it includes some of my childhood favorites such as Dark Alliance, Descent, Messiah, MDK, and even Wild 9.

Definitely unexpected but also a blessing in disguise . What were some of your favorite Interplay developed titles?

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