With countless ways for gamers to get their stream on, you can now look to Blizzard for yet another way to stream some of your favorite (Blizzard) games. Unveiled over the weekend, Blizzard provides gamers the ability to stream their games via a built-in streaming option, straight to Facebook.

We’ve partnered up with Facebook to give our players an easy way to go live by streaming their gameplay on the world’s biggest social network. Blizzard Streaming supports webcam and mic usage and setup is quick-you can start and stop your stream with the press of a button!

Currently this new service is only available in North America, however, Blizzard has mentioned that it will be available in other regions soon.

It’s pretty easy to get it working as well. All you have to do is start your Blizzard Battle.net client and click on the streaming button that will appear in the upper right of the client. You can’t miss it, it looks like a blue video camera.

At the moment, you have the option of streaming in either 480p /30 fps / 1Mbps (Low), 720p / 30 fps / 3Mbps (Medium) and 720p / 30 fps / 4Mbps (High). Which some people may find that a tad disappointing, I found that it’s a good compromise and isn’t too taxing on your system. The streaming also works with all of Blizzard titles that use the Battle.net client – World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, and my personal favorite, Overwatch.

It’s still a bit rough but has potential, not to mention that this removes the need to install a 3rd party application if you just streaming Blizzard’s titles. You just press the button combo that you setup for the streaming to start / stop and off you go. I would have liked an option to save my stream to my PC as well, but this definitely works.

Kudos to Blizzard for adding this and hopefully we’ll get an option to also use this in-game streaming for other networks.

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