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PDP Mortal Kombat X Gamepad Review (X360/XOne)

Ever since the news broke that PDP had been working on a gamepad that would be licensed for Mortal Kombat X, I was curious about it. While PDP isn't always the first name to be mentioned when people talk about gamepads and joysticks for consoles and PCs, they still end up making quality products that have the knack for getting passed over.

AverMedia Live Gamer Portable Review

If you're not a content creator, budding or otherwise, a quick glance of the AverMedia Live Gamer Portable, weighing in at a measly 117 grams (0.26 pounds for our non-SI Unit users in the United States,) would indicate it as a smaller version of any other PC video capture device, akin to either the Happauge PVR or the Elgato Game Capture HD. Actually, that's exactly what it is, and it works the same, in principle

Review: Upgrading to the Kilpsch Promedia 2.1 for my PC

If you're looking for a new speaker set for your PC, Laptop or even your Tablet setup then I'm going to help you out and recommend a set for you. The Klipsch Promedia 2.1, from Klipsch (duh). Before we go any further I 'll just put it out there that this setup isn't new and has been around since 2002.

Review: I’ve found my new gaming mouse – Logitech G502 Proteus Core

I've always been a fan of Logitech's gaming mice line-up, dating back to their MX518, G3, and G500 gaming mice. However, I found myself always going back to the MX518 even though it's been discontinued for some time as I found that the mouse while being their first attempt at a mouse aimed at a gaming mouse was also their best effort and was my favorite.