What is Extra Life?

Extra Life is an event in which gamers do what they’re best for a good cause – helping raise funds for sick and injured children at a chosen Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. We picked the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Simply sign up, commit to playing games for 24 hours with us from November 5, 2016, to November 6, 2016. But we need your help! We’ll be streaming live during the event as we set out to raise funds for the event. All we ask is to watch our streams, listed below and donate to a worthy cause. You don’t have to do it alone either, ask your family, your friends and even co-works to help raise money. This is for the kids and we want to help, don’t you?

During the event, we’ll also be giving out game codes, and a few other prizes based on how well our donation drive is doing. Perhaps we’ll even do something silly along the way. You never know what we’ll do for a good cause.

How can I help?

During our 24 hour broadcast, you can help us by donating to either or team or to individual members of the team. This money will go towards a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. It will help our goal, go towards a good cause and give you a case of the warm and fuzzies. And who doesn’t like to feel warm and fuzzy? 

You can donate via this link , on the sidebar to the right or even click one of the portraits of our streamers to the right to open up their individual donation page. Regardless if donate to a streamer or to the team, in the end, 100% of the donations will go towards a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital – The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.



Why are we doing this? 

For our Editor in Chief, Keith Mitchell, this is very personal to him. His second born child, Keith Mitchell, was born 1.5 months premature. During that painful time, he had to watch his son from the outside of a machine, ever fearful that he might not make it. Thankfully due to the due diligence and miracle working of the children’s hospital where his son was born, he was able to come home after being in the hospital for nearly 4 weeks. Now he wants to help children hospitals to do the same for other parents who may be in the same position or worse. For the rest of us, we simply want to help the hospitals and enable them to keep on helping any and all children that they can.

The Streams