SonyCentric Podcast Update – We’re Taking a Break!

We’ve loved recording the SonyCentric podcast these past few months and talking all things PlayStation with the OuterHaven community. It’s been an incredibly fun and rewarding experience to share our love of PlayStation with you guys. But unfortunately, we have to put the podcast on hold for the moment. As much as we want to dedicate more time to preparing and recording these podcasts, scheduling has become an issue these past few weeks. Work, school, and other responsibilities have gotten in the way more than we’ve liked, and it just isn’t feasible to record and post an episode each week.

We will continue to revisit the status of SonyCentric in the future and keep the site updated. Perhaps we’ll discover new ways to shape the podcast going forward, or reach a schedule that works for all of us. In the meantime, continue to follow our written content and support our other podcasts! The A-01 Podcast, the Cine-Analyst, Xbox Xperience, and the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast will continue to record and post as usual.