Hellblade Devs Help Fans “ReThink” Mental Health – SonyCentric #81

Hellblade Devs Help Fans “ReThink” Mental Health – SonyCentric #81
Hosts: Yhani Jones, Veronica Ciotti

In this episode of the Sony Centric podcast, Veronica Ciotti and Yhani Jones talk about this week’s PlayStation news and comment on other stories in video gaming. Join them as they discuss the celebration of  VR’s first year. PlayStation VR now has more than 100 games and experiences to play, has reduced their pricing, and so much more since it’s initial release on October 13, 2016. Hideo Kojima will also be receiving the Lifetime Achievement award at the Brazil Game Show, with that news we speculate whether he may drop any details on his latest project, Death Stranding, while at the show. 

This week’s topics include:



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