Welcome to the Xbox Xperience Ep 28. While there isn’t a lot of Xbox or PC gaming-themed news this week, we figured we change the format to a round table discussion and take about a major moment on the gaming front. That is, more and more niche games are making their way to the PC. 

It’s definitely a good time for PC gamers, with more obscure and niche titles making the jump. More and more companies are eying the PC and we’re looking at exactly why is that happening. Oh, yeah, we also take yet another stab at Microsoft’s PC gaming initiative. If no one else is up to the task, we definitely and always are. Besides, someone has to keep their feet to the fire.

So grab your favorite drink, get some popcorn, and get ready for the Xbox Xperience Episode 28 – Niche Gaming on the PC and You!


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