Around 7 AM yesterday, we were notified that our server that hosts our podcast was offline. After attempting to log in to the control panel and then later the provider, both attempts were unsuccessful. To make the long story short, the host – Serveraxis, has decided to go offline and take not only our data but everyone else who was using their service.  

The bad news is that that server that contains all of the podcasts for the past year, as well as a backup server, was on their service. Meaning we no longer have access to either and now we have to not only find a new host but also recreate everything that been lost. 

It will be sometime before we can get this all setup and completed, and to that, we do apologize. This only affects the local podcasts, but those stored on iTunes or Google Play are still live and you can still listen to them there.

Nintendo Entertainment Podcast – Google Play
Xbox Xperience Podcast – iTunes | YouTube
SonyCentric Podcast – Google Play
A-01 Podcast – Google Play
Cine-Analyst Podcast – iTunes

We are working our butts off to get this fixed and hope to have this all sorted by the end of the weekend. Thanks to everyone who listens to our podcasts, we’ll have them back for your listening pleasure, soon.

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