Oh No Baby, What Is You Doin? – SonyCentric #73

Oh No Baby, What Is You Doin? – SonyCentric #73
Hosts: Yhani Jones, Veronica Ciotti, Clinton Bowman

With a number of high profile games that Sony has been showing off as of late, the SonyCentric team takes the opportunity to ponder if Sony is playing their cards close enough to their chest. Also, PlayStation Now being a gloriously expensive expenditure, does Sony have a chance to fix it with another option?

This week’s topics include:

  • Wolf Among Us Season 2 Announced
  • Superhot comes to PS4 and PSVR this Friday!
  • Merging PS Plus and PS Now – could this be the answer to PS Now’s troubles?
  • Spider-Man, Days Gone, and more… – Do you think they’re showing us too much?
  • PS firmware 5.0 hust been announced for testing, what do we need/want to see in this update?
  • We called it! Marvel Heroes coming to VR, just not to PS VR

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