Xbox Xperience Podcast

Xperience Podcast #10 – Michael Pachter said what now?

We’re back with our 10th podcast! I know you missed us! This week is pretty light, but we still plenty of Xbox related items to talk about.

This time we take a look at Digital Foundry’s latest video that focuses on the Xbox Scorpio white papers from July 2016. Are they still relevant or are they old news? We also can let Michael Pachter get away from talking nonsense without getting out two cents in. Don’t forget the upcoming EVO 2017 event and the fact that Killer Instinct won’t be on the main stage; is the KI community to blame?

And of course, Penny Arcade is bringing PAX to our backyard, with PA Unplugged. This new PAX focuses on tabletop, board games, and card games. We can’t wait!

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We’ll see you next week and not late, we promise!