Ladies and Gentlemen, we are back with Episode #127 of The Outerhaven Podcast! We’re a bit late on this one, we apologize and will be back to our normally scheduled podcast soon. However, this show is still packed with enough punch to make even a Kangaroo say “damnnnn!”. 

So you know the drill, grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show!


J.J. Piedra 
Clinton Bowman 
Karl Smart 
William Kok
Patrick Murphy


Pokemon Ultra Beasts Sun/Moon + Generations Shorts (CJ and Patrick)
Chris Metzen retires
Bioshock can’t stream

What the…. Moment of the Week

Galaxy S7 Starts a Car Fire. Samsung, what the hell are you doing?

Main Topic

We take a look at our personal highlights so far from the 2016 Tokyo Game Show. 
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About The Author

Josh Piedra

Josh (or J.J. as some have come to call him), is a long-time geek culture enthusiast with a deep passion for anime, manga and Japanese culture. Josh also has a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design and is a creative writer who has created original content for over 20 years! He is also the author of the original English light novel Final Hope.