No Man’s Sky needs a patch on day one. The internet is on fire. But does it need to be? We also take some time to talk about that upcoming Neo reveal in September. Hopefully, Sony has something impressive to show us. But then again, maybe they don’t need to.

Join us for another episode of SonyCentric, where we talk what we’re playing, what’s going on, and what we think about it all. As always I’m your host, Jason Kwasnicki (@SolidKwas). In addition to our cohost, Mark Sullivan (@nibelheimian), we’ve got our favorite deadly diva, Delaila Lugo (@ASSASSINA_SAN).

Be sure to let us know what you think. Are you excited to play No Man’s Sky? Will you be picking it up? How do you feel about day one patches? But most of all, we want to know your thoughts on everything and anything Playstation. Be sure to leave us a comment and tell us how we’re doing.

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Big shout out goes to Rukunetsu for the sweet BGM track. Be sure to check out his channel.