As much as we enjoy creating and putting out our Xbox devoted podcast, Xperience, we have decided to stop production for the time being. The reasoning behind this is simply due to the lack of Xbox gaming news. Sure, there is news about the Xbox One S and larger titles like Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4, etc. However, there isn’t enough news or coverage around the smaller things that make up the Xbox brand, like indie titles, lesser knows games or even projects that Microsoft is working on.

That doesn’t mean that the show is dead, it just means until news and coverage happen to pick up for the Xbox brand, the Xperience is in a holding pattern. It will be back, eventually. But don’t be sad, we have another show that will be replacing it and that show will be announced fairly soon! 

We do, however, want to thank our fans and listens who did check out our first couple of Xperience podcasts. We did it for you, for us and everyone who enjoys the Xbox brand. The Xperience will be back, count on it. Until next time folks, keep on Xbox gaming!