Sony is sitting high and mighty on their throne atop the NPD reports. However, we’re a little upset that their PS2 classics lineup isn’t as robust as we thought it’d be by now. This only hurts more when we see games like Grandia 3 coming back on the PS3 with no news of a current-gen release. There are some great games besides Grand Theft Auto that deserve to be replayed. What if you could get a trophy for killing a thousand slimes in Dragon Quest VIII!?

Join us for another episode of SonyCentric, where we talk what we’re playing, what’s going on, and what we think about it all. As always I’m your host, Jason Kwasnicki (@SolidKwas). Today we got the cohost, Mark Sullivan (@nibelheimian) and our favorite deadly diva, Delaila Lugo (@ASSASSINA_SAN).

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