Sorry for the late post this week, folks. Technical issues plagued me yesterday.

Anyway, is Crash Bandicoot really a thing? Why? Why do people want it so bad. Will the games industry become like Hollywood, where established franchises and reboots become the norm and new ideas are an extinct species? We tackled a question so big that it strikes at the very core of our beloved hobby. At the same time we just talked about a cartoon character from the 90s. 

But before that, just a quick bit about PS Plus: is Sony changing their ways? Are we beginning to finally see some “premium” games on the platform? We also throw in the latest Overwatch news, because, well, we’re obsessed. But don’t worry, the focus is ultimately Crash Bandicoot. Who is totally not compared to Overwatch in any way whatsoever…

As always I’m your host, Jason Kwasnicki (@SolidKwas). Mark Sullivan is your co-host (@nibelheimian), and we fly solo (or duo, or whatever) this week.

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