Xperience Episode 1 – Unlocked Potential

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Xperience, The Outerhaven’s Xbox-related podcast. This week on Xperience, we take a look at Microsoft’s newest initiative to entice developers into using their platform to bring games to Xbox on Windows 10 and what this potentially means for Xbox across the board. In addition, we talk about the recycling of almost 1 million Gamertags that are no longer being used, Xbox Live prices rising in six countries, as well as the idea that Microsoft still doesn’t know how to properly communicate with their audience.

Hosts: Clinton Bowman (@navigatorbowman); Keith Mitchell (@keithdmitchell)


As always, send your questions to xperience [AT] theouterhaven [DOT] net to get them answered on the show. Keep it classy folks!

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