This episode, we give you our non-spoiler thoughts on Uncharted 4. If you’re interested in what we thought of the story and specific plot beats (including but not limited to how exactly A Thief’s End ends), then check out our spoilercast. Here, we are simply talking more generally about the game. What we enjoyed, what annoyed us (very little), where the game stands (it’s already Delaila’s GOY). Join us in bathing in Naughty Dog’s glory.

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But, believe it or not, Uncharted 4 is not the only thing that’s going on in the world of Playstation. Hideo Kojima spoke a few words to famed Japanese magazine Famitsu regarding his new “project”. And when I say words, I mean some brain farts escaped through his mouth. He is literally talking in the vaguest terms possible (to be fair, he probably only has the vaguest idea of where he’s going with it). He even threw in a little bit of classic Kojima trolling. That being said, perhaps we can glean what direction he wants to head in from Metal Gear Solid V.

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