The Outerhaven Podcast # 107- We’re Back!


Hey, what’s up everyone. I know I know, we’ve been away for far too long. And for that, we’re sorry, but sometimes real life calls. That combined with several of us attending the past PAX East 2016 convention, we’ve been running wild and we’re all a bit tired. But the show must go on and go on it will. 

We also have another podcast planned to discuss our time during PAX East 2016, so stay tuned.

The Outerhaven Podcast 107! Ready…. GO!

Hosts: Clinton Bowman
Guests: Keith Mitchell, William Kok


  • Nintendo finally officially announces the NX, their next-gen console.
  • An Uncharted 4 shipment is robbed at gunpoint.
  • Koei Temco releases an alpha of Nioh, is it the samurai souls we deserve?
  • Is Microsoft teasing yet another Xbox One controller refresh at E3 2016?
  • The Punisher is getting his on Netflix series.
  • Roundtable: We discuss why Nintendo is handling the NX launch the wrong way and why Nintendo isn’t making any friends in the 3rd party support department.

Um, Capcom… we need to talk.

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