The Outerhaven Podcast #61 – PAX East is right around the corner

I know, I know…. this episode is long overdue, but it’s here now so check it out. I really don’t have anything witty to say, which is odd. Just way to much PAX East 2015 stuffs on my mind; prepping, setting up interviews and the rest of it. So I’ll just cut straight into the show. 

I also want to thank the Penny Arcade / PAX East media group for giving us a chance to cover the upcoming PAX East 2015 event. We’ll do what we can folks, so stay tuned on that.

Lastly, The Outerhaven crew would like to extend it’s hearts and wishes towards the family of the late, Leonard Nimoy, who passed away today (2.27.2015) at the age of 83. May he rest in peace.


Live long and prosper, Leonard!



Keith “Hax” Mitchell
Clinton “Navigator” Bowman

Topics Covered:

Why the hell it took us so long to get another podcast out
The passing of a legend, Leonard Nimoy, at age 83
Our thoughts of the dark and gritty fan made Power Ranger short film (Link)
Golden Mario amiibos sell out in minutes. 
Net neutrality rules passed and what it means for you
Killer Instinct gets a league play (Link)
PAX East 2015 is around the corner and we’ll be there. Woot!

And much much more……. check it out


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Thanks and we’ll see you next time!

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