The OuterHaven Podcast #59 – 2014 got hacked, time to upgrade!

This is perhaps the final podcast from The Outerhaven crew and what better way to send this year off then to sit back and listen to your buddies; Bwizzy, Navigator Bowman, Carlos, Zslash, LizLiz, Shadowz596 and myself as we rant off to the following topics;

  • DDoS of MS and Sony by Lizard Squad… why and the impact!
  • The Legend of Korra ENDING. yes, Korra X Asami is a thing.
  • Sony hack and wtf is going on.
  • Sony’s “Interview”;  was it worth the hype and the aftermath.
  • Best and Worst of 2014 round-table
  • Most looked forward to for 2015 round-table

Outro Track: Gundam Build Fighters Original Sound Track, CD 2 – Track 12:  Fellini no Karei naru Kougeki

2014 has been great and we’re looking toward 2015 with hopefulness that it’s going to be a better year in both our respected topics but also as a whole for the world (and mostly our country).


We’ll see you in 2015 everyone!

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