The Outerhaven Podcast #53 – Everyone’s confirmed for brawl

It’s time for yet another episode of the Outerhaven Podcast! This time we’re on our 53rd podcast and we’re joined by fellow members HAX, Nephrite, Da Angry Elf, Navigator and Shadowz as we talk about all things both Video Games and Comics, as well as going off the rails just a HUGE FREAKING LOT! Join us, won’t you? Fair warning, we do get out of control at parts this time around.

Topics include:

  • Games we’re looking forward to from the 2014 Tokyo Game Show.
  • BONUS ROUND – Why don’t America consoles or anything do well in Japan?
  • Super Smash Bros. rage and appeal!
  • Does Twitch cause gamers to import games ahead of their North America release and does it hurt companies?
  • Bungie’s Destiny and a quick overall about what we (Hax) liked and what we didn’t.
  • DC comics upcoming TV shows (Supergirl, Gotham, The Flash, Constantine) and what we’d rather see!
  • Marvel’s Death of Wolverine…. that guy is still alive and SpiderVerse and you get a Spiderman and you get a Spiderman and you…..
  • Final Thoughts that never seem to be final thoughts.

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