The Outerhaven Podcast #52 – It’s the Nintendo Super Show!

Welcome back to another fun filled episode of the Outerhaven Podcast! This time around we’re joined by hosts Nephrite, Z-Slash, Shadowz and myself! As always the topics discussed in this podcast can be found below. Lastly I wanted to make everyone aware of a change to the podcast’s format and that we will no longer use any video game music or anime / animation music for our opening and closings due to Youtube forcibly making us remove the music on the podcast.

On that note we are looking for someone who creates jingles and wouldn’t mind working with us to help us create our own musical intros.

Topics include:

  • Nintendo’s new 3DS and 3DS XL models
  • Nintendo’s Amiibo
  • Nintendo and Bandai-Namco’s Pokemon 3D fighter – Pokken Tournament
  • The latest character announced for Super Smash Bros. and the leak around the game
  • The conspiracy surrounding “Zoey Quinn” and what the hell is going on and who’s doing what

The Nintendo Amiibo’s are currently up for pre-order on Amazon right now for $12.99 per figure; Link, Mario, Peach, Pikachu and Yoshi. Go pre-order yours now – Link!

We currently have a disagreement regarding the announcement of the new 3DS actually being a new system or not, so we need your assistance. Do you consider the new 3DS as a new system or not? Let us know via the poll below.


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