The Outerhaven Podcast #50 – Live from New York

Alright fans, listen up. This time around The Otherhaven crew meets up in New York to attend a Bandai-Namco press event, where we got some hands-on with games such as  Lords of the Fallen, Project Cars and even Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day! So we played some games, we met some cool people at the event and of course we finished up the day to bring you The Outerhaven Podcast #50, recorded live at Bryant Park.

Heads up! There were some moments in the podcast that we were approached by people, so some of that made it into the podcast and this podcast is a bit on the RAW side so we apologize at the start if we offend anyone, it’s all in fun. And finally this time around we get to have our first podcast with one of our newer members, Clinton “Navigator” Bowman and no he’s not a SUV.

Arsenal Podcast #50 people, check it out. We’re not the official Outerhaven, we’re the ONLY Outerhaven!

Fun fact: This podcast consisted of 2/3 of the Outerhaven crew. Yes it was a bit weird.


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About The Author

Keith Mitchell
Editor-in-chief and all-around good guy!

Keith Mitchell is the Founder and Editor in Chief of The Outerhaven. A grizzled IT professional during the day, but a passionate lover of video games after his 9-5 grid. Loves playing the Dark Souls series and has been gaming since he was 6 years old. Available for podcasts upon request.