The Outerhaven Podcast #49 – Gotta get that money

Another day, another podcast and oh, hey welcome to another episode of The Outerhaven podcast. So on the eve of Evo 2014 we’re here to bring you more of our rambling’s, thoughts and of course our off beat humor.

As always check the topics below!

Topics include:

  • Evo 2014 announcements; Killer Instinct Season Two, Mortal Kombat X reveal and Tekken 7 leak?? What?
  • Inafune’s Mighty No.9 and the new Kickstarter for English voices and a anime.
  • The new Batgirl costume design, do you like it? What the hell is it? And why can’t Neph fap to it anymore?
  • And much much more…….. Seriously, we do have more stuff but why tell you when you can listen in.

Intro Song:  Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn episode 7 Theme Song – StarRingChild (Movie Version)
Outro Song: Big O The Original Sound Score – Sure Promise

Added bonus! Neph can’t fap to me now!

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