The Outerhaven Podcast #42 – Recap of the Dickwolves…. Wait, What?

Welcome back, welcome back welcome back. Man it’s good to be back and finally getting it back together after PAX East 2014 among other things. So this time around Myself, Elf “DA Mad Elf” and our buddy Nitro recap on our PAX East 2014 experience for the most part.  We even touch up on the Penny Arcade “Dick Wolves” comic and the debate / war that followed suit (IE: Feminism talk) and while we didn’t plan on going down that rabbit hole, we did.

You can blame Elf for that thanks to his mentioning of the Diversity Lounge that was present at PAX East 2014.

Did you goto PAX East 2014? How was your experience? Did you enjoy it or was there room for improvement? We’d love to know.

Enjoy The Outerhaven Podcast# #42


Intro Song: OC Remix’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Shell Shocked – Hot for April! [Turtle Swing] (Sixto Sounds)
Outro Song: Project Slip Steam – Urban Fragment – Urbanize R246 Mix [Ridge Racer Type 4]

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