The Outerhaven Podcast #34 – Say that again? The new Batman is who?

Here we go again, the Outerhaven Podcast #34 is here and this time we topics on something that is very dear to us;

  • Hollywood and it’s casting of Superhero movies and it’s blunders.
  • We also touch upon several indie games such as Rogue Legacy and Mercenary Kings.
  • Steam’s Greenlight and game sales.
  • Neph’s hate against Double Dragon Neon
  • The recently released Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the shadows.
  • Platinum Games love affair with Nintendo and what the hell is going on with it.
  • A quick blurp about our other podcast, The Bookshelf – Link.

Lastly our buddy Carlos will be attending the Baltimore Comic Con this September 7th & 8th and will be sitting at table A286, pimping art and prints of his own design.
You can check some of his art over at this Deviant Art page – Link or following him on twitter – Link.


Intro Song: Chainz – Air Gear Original Soundtrack Volume 1 – Link.
Outro Song: Castle Rock theme from Rayman Legends