The Outerhaven Podcast #29 – Don’t worry, be Xboned!

We’re back, I know we’re a tad late but hey, better late than ever… right? So on the Arsenal Podcast #29 we talk about Microsoft’s latest system (cause you knew we would) and all the wonder ideas and faults that come with it. We also talk about  terrible gaming consoles, Fast & Furious 6 and Neph actually built a gaming PC.  It only took the folly of Xbone and the rise of PC gaming (Yes I know it never died, but you know……) to come to his senses. This is a sign that the world is coming to an end if anything!

Well, enjoy!


Intro song: 25YEARLEGEND – A Legend of Zelda Indie Game Composer Tribute – Track 02#, 02 Gimme My Sword! [Link’s Awakening – A Link to the Past] – Youtube
Outro song: Rukunetsu Remix –  Full Grip-(Ridge Racer PS Vita Concept) – Soundcloud | Youtube