The Outerhaven Podcast #28 – And then there was the Super Bowl

Super Bowl time, time for TRAILERS… oh and a bunch of guys hitting each other and playing a game of Russian roulette to see who gets brain damage first. But we all know why we’re watching the Super Bowl, right? So this time around we touch on what else, Super Bowl Trailers, The death of THQ, The ongoing debate of Mobile Gaming and it’s place in the scheme of gaming and Metal Gear: Rising. Or and our hate for Capcom’s / Ninja Theory’s DmC reboot.


So take an hour and enjoy our ranting and then get back to your Super Bowl… er, trailers.


Intro Track: Go Go Power Rangers – Power Rangers Redux Album
Outro Track:  Revenge (Scars Suite) – TRON – Uprising (Music From And Inspired By The Series)