The Outerhaven Podcast #23 – Please proceed with caution!

Those wacky people are back, talking about things that transpired this week such as the New York Times Square shooting of Darrius Kennedy, Person 4 Arena and the Persona universe, gamepads vs joysticks for fighters and the Japanese gaming industry vs the west (RPG’s and open-ended games).

Join us won’t you? Oh yes, Nephrite still hasn’t gotten a new mic so he’s still lame.

On a personal note, I don’t 100% agree with the actions taken by the NYPD and there was not reason why they couldn’t have fired a warning shot, shot him in the leg or even overpowered him. It doesn’t take 12 rounds of fire to down a person and the NYPD needs to explain what in the hell happened. Still let it be a lesson that you don’t freaking try to stab or assault a police officer without consequence.


Song Intro: Persona 4 Arena: P4 Mirror Match “R.O.T.T” [Extended] – Link to song on Youtube.
Song Intro: Persona 4 Arena: Persona 3 Mirror Match “Mass Destruction” [Extended] – Link to song on Youtube.

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