Will MIB3 be better than MIB2?

Let’s face it as much as I am a Will Smith fan and have been ever since he early rap and “Prince of Bel-air” days, Men in Black 2 (MIB2) was a flop. It didn’t live up to the standard that the original MIB created. So you can imagine my dismay when they announced a MIB3. At first I laughed it off and ignored that it existed but of course that didn’t change the fact that it was still going into production.

So what is the story of MIB3? In a nut shell Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) seems to be wiped out of MIB history and it’s up to Agent J (Will Smith) to find out what happened to him and do some time traveling to make things right. Yes I said time travel, alien time travel. Along the way thee will be action, some suspense and hopeful a good movie. Will I go see it, of course I will. If anything it will be a good diversion.  Here’s to hoping at least!

Men In Black 3 hits movie theaters Memorial Day, 2012.


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