What if…. The Transformers vs The Gobots!

Did you ever wonder what it would be like if the “Transformers” ever fought against the “Gobots”? Wait, let me back up here. I know most of us know who the “Transformers” are thanks to the countless cartoons, movies and action figures. But did you know about their older and lesser known cousins, the “Gobots” from Gobotron (Yes, Gobotron). Yes they beat the “Transformers” to the market by several years with the “Gobots” existing from 1983-1987 and the “Transformers” making their debut in 1984.

Originally known as “Machine Robo” in Japan created by Popy (Later known as Bandai), they made the trip over across Pacific Ocean thanks to Tonka and were christened the “Gobots”. Actually they had a good run, and at one point they were neck in neck with the “Transformers”, well that is until they started producing less original models… I mean they made the “Gobot Rock Lords”, rocks…. that transformed. I’m not making any of this up people, they even had a movie about them. if don’t believe me you can check out the following links; The Rock Lords and The Gobots: Battle of the Rock Lords movie.

I’m not even going to lie, I loved watching the movie when I was younger just like I loved (and still do) watching the original Transformer Animated Movie. Only difference is they reprinted the “Transformers” movie many times where the Original Gobot Movie and the “Gobots: Battle of the Rock Lords” movie never made it to DVD.

So now that you’re all caught up on history here, let’s get back to the original question; Did you ever wonder what it would be like if the “Transformers” ever fought against the “Gobots”? I know I did and thankfully so did someone else. In fact that same person went on to create to very well edited features, pitting the Transformers vs the Gobots. Highly recommended!

You can catch part two after the break!


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