What I hate most about Star Wars: The Old Republic so far

Don’t get me wrong I totally love this game. In fact I cry every time I get pulled away from it as if the force beckons me back. However it seems that the dark side of the internet is also having it’s way with me as well as many other gamers. C’mon on EA / Bioware, we need some new servers up like yesterday. I’m pretty sure that you would have know that you would have queuing issues when the game officially launched. Heck there were queue issues on the early launch days for SWTOR. Also hurts if I anyone who wants to play has to wait 30+ minutes to even play and that’s in the afternoon, it gets far far worse in the evening.

Now I know how it goes with launchs for MMO’s, I played plenty of them, but damn it I sure don’t have to like it.

Please make fix guys and fast!