The queue monster strikes back in Star Wars:The Old Republic

Well the early access for Star Wars: The Old republic has started, well technically it started two days ago, and with this comes the zerg rush of thousands of gamers waiting to server the light or cause chaos for the dark order. However it seems an old friend / nemesis has arisen and show it’s ugly head. What am I talking about, the dreaded queue monster. I must have been spoiled with my persistent access in the beta, never suffering from a queue (cause there wasn’t any) and must have forgotten how bad it used to be in other games.

Hell I remember with the original World of Warcraft ad it’s first expansion (The Burning Crusade) and crazy those queue times were…. some times they were damned near two hours. Ever try to raid and sit in a 2hr queue? It wasn’t fun. So sure I for one am happy that the game is doing so well even though the game isn’t even officially released (That still is December 20th) and hopefully EA and Bioware will see the need to add new severs as soon as possible and hopefully give the gamers freeze transfers off those servers that are being rocked with long ass queues.

So anyway what do you do, well other than stirring at the computer screen waiting for your queue to pop? You could;

  • Get up and get some exercise.
  • Make me or you a sandwich.
  • Play something else (Yeah who am I kidding).
  • Go outside one last time.
  • Get some coffee cause you’re gonna need it on your way to level 50.
  • Profit???

Oh looks like my queue popped, so I’ll be seeing you all later. If you ever get bored you can hop on over to Corellian Run and say “hi” to Chaosstryker on the Republic side (Down with the Sith).

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