Street Fighter X Tekken – Bande-annonce cinématique

What do you get when you combine Cammy and Chun-Li from Street Fighter fame with a dash of Asuka and Lily from the infamous Tekken series? A totally kick ass trailer, that’s what. Making the rounds is Capcom’s latest trailer for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken and well it seems to be girls night out this time.

[jwplayer config=”toh_player” mediaid=”4562″]


3 Responses

  1. Avatar
    Maxfield Stanton

    this is one meaningless trailer..what a nonsensical mismatch
    it would’ve packed so much more punch if it were say Asuka and lili Vs. Karin and Sakura..!!

  2. Avatar
    Carlos Abdu

    What do you get when you get SF’s Chun-Li and Cammy vs Tekken’s Asuka and Lili?

    Pure Fan Wanking. Also breast envy.

    Wow, Lil, if Cammy’s small bust size makes you all jealous, I have a support group you can go to. Just look up Noel Vermillion :p

  3. Avatar
    Maxfield Stanton

    in anime and games, what girls lack in tits they make up for in ass and legs XD!!