The Tekken Tag Tournament 2 soundtrack is out

Rejoice for today is November 17th and you know what that means? No you don’t you say, well let me educate you. Today is the day the eagerly awaited Tekken Tag Tourament 2 Soundtrack is released. For a mere $44 USD you can have the glorious 2-CD set that is chock full of kick ass Namco loving music.

Still on the fence about it? Then how about a…. taste?

[soundcloud url=”″]

Run don’t walk on over to your favorite video game import store / site to pick it up!

2 Responses

  1. Keith Mitchell
    Keith Mitchell

    Already ordered my copy. A bit steep but judging from the samples here and on youtube it’s definitely worth it.

  2. Avatar
    Maxfield Stanton

    YES!! Now this soundtrack will soon be in my grubby paws as well!!