Weekly Audio Spotlight: Persona Music Live Band

Morning all, it’s good to see you up! First off I wanted to apologize regarding the “Weekly Audio Spotlight”, I know it’s been neglected the past few weeks and I am making amends for that. We’re still trying to get stuff set for the upcoming New York Comic-Con and well seemed to suck up all our time. Though no more excuses cause we got a good one for you today. For those not aware of what the “Weekly Audio Spot” is, it basically is a a track from an album,game or show that is chosen by us, something that we feel should be heard or experienced by everyone. 

And it so happens that this weeks sampling comes from the “Persona Music Live Band – The Album”, which I personally love. The “Persona Music Live Band – The Album” is a arranged collection of hand picked tracks from all of the Persona games and were played at both the Akasaka Bridge in 2008 and Wel City Tokyo in 2009 as a live concert. While there are albums of both of those concerts, this album represents the best of the best and was put together on one disc for your listening pleasure.  The tracks range from several genres including hiphop, jazz metal and rock. 

I have to say this is definitely a welcomed suprise that I discovered late last year and is always on rotation on my mp3 player. All of the tracks on the album are great, however if I had to choose just one I’d have to go with “Soul Drive”. This high octane, hand pumping inducing track has got it all. Fast beats, smooth lyrics and is probably the best track on the album, but don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

Persona Music Live Band – The Album: Soul Drive

You can pick up this overlooked gem at several oversea order stores such as Playasia, CDJapan, Amazon Japan and any local import shops in your area. Run not walk and pick this up, your ears will love you for it!

Full Track Listing below:

1. Tetsuya Kobayashi – Battle For Everyone’s Souls
2. Yumi Kawamura – Burn My Dread
3. Lotus Juice & Yumi Kawamura – Mass Destruction
4. Shuhei Kita – Soul Phrase
5. Tetsuya Kobayashi – Mist
6. Shihoko Hirata – Heaven
7. Mayumi Fujita – Time
8. Lotus Juice – Soul Drive
9. Shuhei Kita – Breakin’ Through
10. Shihoko Hirata – Reach Out The Truth
11. Yumi Kawamura – Kimi no Kioku
12. Tetsuya Kobayashi – Party For Everyone’s Souls

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