Weekly Audio Spotlight: Mad World the Soundtrack

See I told you we were going to make amends. Two Spotlights in one day!

Ah Mad World, this wonderful and exceptionable hack / slash brawler that was sadly only released on the Nintendo Wii didn’t have a chance. Sure it was a great game but extremely violent, which really didn’t fit in with the whole “Nintendo is for everyone” theme, in fact several organizations even attempted to get Mad World dropped for it’s Wii release, which of course failed. But enough about the game, we’re talking about the music here!


Mad Worlds soundtrack is an example of how video game music meets the western culture (USA to be exact). The composer of the music for Mad World, Naoto Tanaka, entire goal was to create music that didn’t sound “Japanese” and wanted it to sound more “American”. He even got several artists to help out with this, artists such as Ox, Doujah Raze,Sick YG, Bandy Leggz, Wordsmith, S.O.U.L Purpose and Optimus. With the induction of genres such as  hiphop, rap, rock, he definitely succeeded. In fact here’s a fun fact for you, he even used the album “Collision Course“, the mashup from Linkin Park and Jay-z for inspiration, I definitely think this man did his homework.

Sadly the US got the short end of the stick again. While the United Kingdom and Europe received the soundtrack with the release of Mad World in March 2009, the US had to wait until someone picked up the soundtrack. Fortunately, “Sumthing Distribution” ended up distributing the soundtrack for the US audience on June 2009.  

If you slept on the Mad World game, I can understand since it was on the Wii….. however you need you listen to this soundtrack. I’ve even added some tracks for your listening pleasure. Please keep in mind, just as the game was extremely violet, the game features several tracks are explict!

Ain’t That Funny!


Ain’t That Funny

You Don’t Know Me!

You Don’t know me

Body That!

Body That

Definitely pick up this soundtrack if you happen to see it on a local store self. Full track listing below.


01 Ox – Get It Up 2:48
02 Doujah Raze – Come With It 2:35
03 S.O.U.L. Purpose – Survival 2:31
04 Ox – Body That 2:36
05 Optimus – MAD WORLD 2:24
06 Sick YG – Ain’t That Funny 2:17
07 Ox – Let’s Go! 2:39
08 Wordsmith – Death & Honour 2:30
09 Doujah Raze – Crazy 2:34
10 Doujah Raze – Deathwatch 2:32
11 Ox – Crimson Rain 2:45
12 Bandy Leggz – You Don’t Know Me 2:22
13 Ox – Move 2:41
14 Sick YG – It’s A Mad World 2:30
15 Ox – Bang 2:27
16 Ox – Ride!! 2:49
17 Ox – Breathe 2:33
18 Sick YG – Look Pimpin! 2:38
19 Ox – So Cold 2:33
20 Ox – Soul 3:50

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