Weekly Audio Spotlight: Einhander Soundtrack

Ah Einhander, the name alone floods my cerebrum with visions of the past. Einhander was Square’s (Not Square-Enix) first and only attempt at a 2D Side Scrolling Shoot ’em up or “Shump” with a 3D backup, which they pulled of beautifully.This was a welcomed breath of fresh air where the Shump market was close to non-existent on the Playstation at that time.

However it wasn’t just the graphics or game play that dreew me in but the music. The game was filled with a mixture of Electro and Techno which was unheard for a game created at that time (1997). The sound track was composed by KenichiroFukui, a name you may recongize from other works such as Project Sylpheed (Awesome music, terrible game) or “The Black Mages“. I’ve included some of my favorite tracks for your listening pleasure;


Einhander Soundtrack – Shudder


Einhander Soundtrack – Badlands


Einhander Soundtrack – Factory

However if you’re never experienced this game for your self I recommend that you attempt to locate a copy for yourself or if you’re in the Japanese Playstation Network area you can download it from the store (Sadly we US PSN people can not). though if you’d rather listen to the soundtrack you can purchase this off of iTunes , Playasia or any other import store if they have it in stock.  Got to remember that this game and soundtrack are over 10 years old and might not be in print anymore.

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    love this soundtrack, and i noticed something interesting about the shudder track.

    i was listening to it on the new VGM player and listed to some of the lyrics at the middle of the song. apparently some (if not most) of the lyrics are used in the bonus stage 2 track in the arranged SF3rd strike soundtrack. Check it out!!

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      They were used in plenty others (the Badlands track also had lyrics that were used too) also just can’t remember them off the top of my head.