We are "Rock-Men"! Are you?

Sadly to the dismay of thousands of Mega-man / Rock-man fans, Capcom put the cold metalic axe to the latest Rock-man outing, Rock-man Legends 3. However that doesn’t mean that you still can’t enjoy some Rock-man related goodness, no sir. In fact I got a little morsel for you to nibble on right now, it’s called “We are ROCK-MEN!”

“We are ROCK-MEN!” is a arranged tribute that spans both the original Mega-man series as well as Mega-man X, composed by members of the Capcom Sound Team.  Released on September 21st, “We are Rock-Men” is available via Apple’s iTunes or via import stores such as Playasia.  I strongly recommend this for any Rock-man / Mega-man fan, it’s definitely worth it!

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    Carlos Abdu

    Don’t forget about Archie’s Mega Man comic, which just turned into an ongoing series. I don’t get how CAPCOM can say MM has little to no value in the United States and still present evidence to the contrary?

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    more like predominately MM tracks featuring 3 from MMX and one almost overremixed track from MML….LAWL. I have so many MM arranged soundtracks. I mean…MMX4-8 gets no remixed love. MM9 and 10 even got arranged tracks! well whatevs. I just kinda get tired of the same tracks done over and over again (Ryu) and stuff.