Tekken Tag Tournament 2 sound track release info

Heads up people as the official release of the Tekken Tag Tournament soundtrack has been announced. That’s right, even though the game isn’t available for the consoles it is available for arcades (Remember those places?) so it only makes sense for the OST to be released…. right?

The sound track will be released by Sweep Records on November 17th and will be available via most import / gaming sites such as Playasia for 3700 Yen (47 USD).

The most popular Namco fighting game that started operation in September 2011, “Tekken” new series “Tekken Tag Tournament 2” appeared as early as the arcade version of the soundtrack! The first Tag Tournament fans are happy, the staff gathered once again sounds! 
 28 tracks recorded music content in addition to the game this volume, two songs will be special long version specially prepared for the soundtrack. 
 ”Tekken” series songs are very attracted attention from overseas fans, the latest “Tekken Tag Tournament 2” and finished in a high-quality music at. 

● Participation creator 
Takashi Akira Toyama (*), Taku Inoue / (*) Go Shiina / (*) Rio Hamamoto / (*) 
Nobuyoshi Sano (DETUNE Ltd.) Keiichi Okabe / (Monaca) 
     *: NBGI Sound Staff

Judging from the previews the OST is a must have for any Tekken or Video Game Music fan.

Full track lists with previews after the break

Disc #1

1 Tekken Tag Tournament Piano Intro -Massive Mix  – Preview
2 AIM TO WIN (Character Select)  – Preview
3 Tekstep Fountain (Fontana di Trevi)  – Preview
4 School -After School Mix- (Sakura Schoolyard)  – Preview
5 Sadistic Xmas (Arctic Dream)  – Preview
6 Sunny (Condor Canyon)
7 Yun (Dusk after the Rain)  – Preview
8 Zirkus (Historic Town Square)  – Preview
9 The Strongest Iron Arena -Silver Mix- (Arena)  – Preview
10 Tool Pusher (Tempest)
11 Fiji -Paraiso Mix- (Eternal Paradise)  – Preview
12 Electro Parade (Festive Parade)  – Preview
13 Moonlit Wilderness -D.T.O. Mix- (Moonlit Wilderness)  – Preview
14 Un Deux Trois (Strategic Space)
15 Snow Castle -Mundus Arrange- (Winter Palace)  – Preview
16 Abyss of Time (Wayang Kulit)
17 IT’S NOT A TUNA! (Bountiful Sea)  – Preview
18 Jin Kazama -Far East Mix- (Hall of Judgement)  – Preview
19 Utmost Limits (Naraku)
20 What you will see (Heavenly Garden)
21 Night Falls (Ending)

Disc #2

1 F.F.Y.R. (Livemonitor)
2 Break in Jingle
3 Join Jingle
4 Jackpot Jingle
5 Continue
6 Name Entry
7 Gameover
Bonus Track
8 AIM TO WIN (Character Select) LONG EDIT
9 Abyss of Time (Wayang Kulit) LONG EDIT

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