RAGE for the PC makes me RAGE!

So wouldn’t you know it?  Rage finally gets released and of course I went and picked up my copy and installed it. Sadly there was no Blu-ray release of the game and the install is 3 DVD’s, but thankfully you can ramp up the install by using Steam instead. I suppose that’s normal so I won’t complain about that since I don’t think there has ever been a single PC game release on Blu-ray as of yet.

No, instead I had to spend countless hours trying to get the blasted game to work on my PC, only to find out that there were (are?) issues with the game and recent driver releases from both AMD (ATI) and Nvidia. Not to mention audo issues, clipping, graphics tearing and basically signs of a game badly ported to the PC. I expected much much better from the House of Doom so to say I’m a little ticked off is putting it lightly.

Thankfully Nvidia and AMD have finally put out updated graphic drivers that reportedly correct the graphical issues, however I’ve yet to attempt them seeing how I had to roll back my graphic driver last week for the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta and upgrade them again for the Battlefield 3 beta.

Here are the updated drivers, just in case you can’t find them.

  • AMD – Windows 7 updated driver. Download here (No Vista / XP, though I’m assuming it will work on Vista)
  • Nvidia – (64-bit driver) – Download | (32-bit driver) – Download

If the drivers don’t help you may want to check out the going thread over at the Steam forums – here and here on Bethesda ‘s official forums – here.

And here’s a lovely video of what we PC gamers are experiencing!


*update* Ok, so I installed the new drivers and played it a bit. There’s no option to customize your graphics or than using AA and there’s no freaking V-Sync, so there’s tearing all over the place! Sure I can force V-Sync via my drivers control panel but that only minimizes the issue. Yep, definitely the sign of a console to PC title. Least I forget about the complete lack of high resolution textures, the crappy POV and iffy frame rate. If I wanted to play the console version (no offense console games) I would have gotten it for my Xbox 360 or PS3. I was totally ready and waiting for Rage, but now I’m wondering if I can get a refund.

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