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The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has annouced that they will be starting up a program that will allow 10,000 foreigners to travel to Japan for free in the upcoming 2012 year. However the cavaet to this is that of those 10,000 foreigners they must be using a social media outlet such as a blog, facebook , twitter or something similar. The program was inflencued due to the disasters that have plaqued the country of Japan, which has also affected their amount of tourism. This program is an effort help improve those tourism rates and honestly a damned well thought out gesture. Inviting 10,000 people to your country for free, that however does seems like it’s very expensive however not likely as expensive as the severe drop of tourism I suppose.

Current Affairs – Minister – Tourist Authority of Singapore, Hiroshi Hata groove 19, which started in travel fairs here “ITB Asia” at a press conference, aims to recover foreign tourists visiting Japan have decreased in the earthquake affected eastern announced plans to invite 10,000 foreign free in 2012. Rent over the Internet to disseminate the experience of Japanese tourists were invited to show the world a safe and secure.Incorporated Tourism Authority 1.18 billion yen in fiscal 2000 budget request.

10,000 English and in Chinese, Korean, and invite over the net in several languages ​​including Spanish. Exchange membership site (SNS) of the “Face Book” and a simple blog “Twitter” and screening information can originate mainly by foreigners, such as providing a round-trip ticket. After passing the budget, also intends to start operations next summer. Field Secretary groove “I wanted to disseminate the image of safety and security of Japan, by review I want to recover a catalyst for foreign tourists,” he said.

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