Double The Air Dash: 2v2 St1ckbug Tournament 10/29/11

Still Hyped from Season’s Beating Velocity and still waiting for the Next NorCal Install? Well look no further for that gap filler. Team St1ckbug  is hosting another premier monthly tournament at the Next Level in Brookyln, New York.  St1ckbug monthly tournaments consists games such as BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, and occasionally Arcana Heart 3, and Melty blood. With as regulars such as Xaqshinor, DaiandOh, Mr.Biscuits, Duke Dodson, Super Kawaii Desu, LordKnight, and (possibly) one of returning champions of last month’s St1ckbug monthly OmniScythe expect one hell of throwdown. 

This St1ckbug monthly tournament has a special twist to it, 2 on 2 TEAMS. That’s Right Double the Hype, Double the Salt.  

My Predictions for this my boy Mahouko is going to lay down that Bridget Seal of Saltiness Twice as hard.

Bridget Approves

General rules for the Upcoming St1ckbug Monthly

 The Tourney Starts on Saturday Oct. 29th, 2011 at Noon EST (3pm for you West Coast people) and ends at 3pm EST (6pm for you West Coast peeps)

Venue is $10 and entry is $10 per team.

Times for Games
MeltyBlood Actress Again- 2 PM
BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 – 1 PM
Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core – Starts during Melty Blood Actress A Top 8

MeltyBlood Actress Again: PlayStation2. Please bring your own stick or pad
Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core – PlayStation2. Please bring your own stick or pad
Blazblue and other newer games- Xbox 360. There are TE sticks for rent provided by the Next Level Staff, and PS2->360 converters will be supplied during the tournament.

For those of us that can not be there, you can catch the tournament live via St1ckbug’s streaming channel or catch it here at Noon.

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Matthew "GetSelious" Paul "is an fighting game enthusiast and manga & comics aficionado. He enjoys a good read as long he can find one. He loves traveling to tournament venues and meeting and talking to new people. He is currently one of the Cohosts of the A-01 Podcasts and War Of Infinite Panels.