Cyborg 009 to be rebooted as 009 Re:Cyborg

Kenji Kamiyama (Production I.G), the director responsible for anime’s such as Eden of the East (Loved it!), and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (Loved this as well!!) announced on October 4th that he will remake the original series of Cyborg 009 and it will be his latest 3D film project. The movie is slated to b e released in Japan sometime in Q4 2012.

The original 009 anime series was created by Shotaro Ishinomori and ran though April 5th, 1968 – March 25,1980 with a total of 76 episodes.  It also spawned two movies, one released in July 21, 1966 and the other on March 19, 1967.

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    Maxfield Stanton

    YAAAAAAY!!!, waitaminute.. i’ll have to hold off on any pre-emptive cheers.. cause BLOOD C sucked.. what happened Production IG?? :(

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    Carlos Abdu

    Hmm… the animation looks kinda weird but cool in a way, and that theme song is definetly pumping. I just hope that the trailer didn’t spoil the only good parts of the movie, there better be more.

    I wonder if this will tie-in to the recent Skullman anime that they had a year back? Certainly was leading into another 009.

    • Keith Mitchell
      Keith Mitchell

      Sadly the original video was marked private recently, so I updated it with another one. Quality isn’t as good as the original one however.

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        Carlos Abdu

        Quality is ok…. but i miss the sexy theme song from the original. Should’ve downloaded that when i had the chance.