Spending Friday Night with the Girls

If you’re itching for more Skull Girls gameplay videos look no further. For those of you who have no clue what Skull Girls is, it’s an upcoming downloable 2d fighting game created by Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont and premier artist Alex Ahad. The game is being developed by Reverge Labs, published by Autumn Games and distributed digitally by Konami. For the past two Fridays the Skull Girls Youtube Page has uploaded matches between Mike Z and several other players.

2 Fridays ago on August 26, 2011, Mike had a 3 on 3 set with Grinta. View the video below.


 Grinta was close to RUNNIN IT BACK!

Last Friday on September 2, 2011, Mike Z played a one on one match with Thongboy Bebop.


 The damage scaling on one vs one mode seems really high like Ratio 4 characters in CVS 2.


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