NorCal Install 2: Return Of the Runback 10/1/11

Last time on NorCal Install….

The villainous Pacific North West with their Evil Lord Huey253 ran amok and destroyed our NorCal heroes. All that remains questions that must be answered.

Is it all down hill for Dacidbro after losing to C0r’s epic trash talking?

Can Chun stop eating a full serving of Astrals for lunch?

Will WallJumpMan’s Sad Face continue?

Can Coopa reclaim his bonds on Bond  in Catherine?

 Will the new NorCal’s Tager counterpick strategy work?

Can Tone and Dark Talon maintain their Arcana 3 dominance or there will be Pain for them to suffer?

There’s only one answer to these questions in these players mind:

If  you want to catch the action live and you live near San Mateo, California you are in luck because NorCal Install 2 will once again be hosted at Game Center Arcade this Saturday October 1st . Players who wish to pre-register and/or help with equipment management can go to the NorCal Install website to sign up. Once again Finest KO will be taking care of streaming for all us that can’t attend and wish to troll.

You can catch the Hype @ 3pm EST (12pm PST for you West coast peeps) here or the Finest KO twitch tv page.

The excellent “RUN THAT SHIT” picture was done by none other than Carlos Abdu aka Elf. If you wish to contact and/or commission his talents contact him via Facebook and Deviant Art.

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