Biweekly Skullgirls Update 9/25/2011

Two weeks has passed by and two new Skullgirls match videos was uploaded. For those who do not know what Skullgirls is read all about it here.  Let’s get to the videos below to check out the see the changes in SkullsGirls.

Two Fridays ago September 9, 2011 the match was a one vs two between Chilldog vs. Jayford

If you can see here this is a brand new stage in the Skullgirl game. This stage is called Maplecrest. It is bright and luscious compared to the stage seen in the next video.

Last Friday September 16, 2011, Another ma0tch between two players Dyselon and Jason D. The Match Dyselon and Jason D was a two vs 3 format.

A couple of things to point out in this video:

1) Parasoul has a voice actor. She was silent in previous version of the game.

2) Another new stage.This stage is the Anti Skull Girls Labs. It also has moving NPCS which is nice.

3) I noticed so far that even though the game allows you to use up to three characters per team. I think that using two to three characters in a match is preferably better than using a sing character. The game allows you to use the second and/or 3 character as an assist to help pile on the pressure or defend yourself. If you were using a single character you gain more damage but you lose the ability of secondary assists.

For more Skullgirls video game videos subscribe to the Skullgirls youtube page.

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