You Got Team Death Match In My Battlefield 3

This is the very first time that a TDM (Team Death Match) mode has been included in a Battlefield title and thankfully EA / Dice have also restricted it to the point where it will be playable. You see not only is it capped to 24 players (12/12) but it also will include tight combat maps or CQC but it will also not include vehicles. This is for all systems btw.

Now I know some people might think that 24 players isn’t enough but believe me I’ve had my fair share of FPS titles and honestly I could do with only 18 or 20 players.This does not affect conquest mode for you PC gamers (Like me) and we’ll still have our glorious 64 player mades just so we can point and laugh at our console counterparts play with our huge maps with vehicles blowing any and everything the heck up.

So hats off to EA / Dice for making this decision.

Souce – BF3Blog

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