VGM Of The Week: Jet Set (Grind) Radio – Jet Set Medley

This track brings back found memories of the days when the Sega Dreamcast was still around and Sega was actually producing great quality games. And when I say great quality games, I’m referring to titles such as Jet Set Radio (Also know as Jet Grind Radio in the States). Released in 2000, Jet Set Radio was the one of the first games to introduce cel-shaded graphics (It was not the first however, that honor belongs to Fear Effect) along with a kick ass sound track filled with music from genres such as J-pop, Hip-hop, funk, Electronic dance music, Rock, Acid Jazz, Trip hop, and Metal. Jet Set Radio not only spawned a sequel on the Microsoft Xbox but also created a cult following and has even been argued that it was very influenceable with the creation of the Manga / Anime success that is Air Gear.

So today we pay tribute to one of the more memorable tracks of the Jet Set Radio Album as well as the very track that inspires visions Jet Set Radio by just hearing it. Produced by Hideki Naganuma is the Jet Set Medley. We hope you enjoy it

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    A game/OST that was a life changer for me. Great stuff here.

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    Maxfield Stanton

    yeah, the soundtracks to this series is classic!! i had the game for the DC way back when and i still have the sequel on the xbox!!

    Gum woulda got it, buttnaked wit her skates STILL on. XD!!